Enantioselective Organocatalysts

Cinchona alkaloids are recognized as a privileged class of compounds being widely used as chiral organocatalysts/ligands/phase transfer catalysts in asymmetric synthesis and in racemic resolution processes. One of the most interesting features of this well-known family of alkaloids is their availability in two pseudo-enantiomeric forms (BLUE SERIES and RED SERIES). Cinchona catalysts can therefore provide access to both enantiomers of a required product.

Key Features of Cinchona Alkaloids:

      • serve as highly versatile catalysts for a broad spectrum of enantioselective transformations
      • are highly enantioselective catalysts for more than 100 types of asymmetric reactions
      • form 2 pairs of pseudoenantiomers
      • enables a target oriented production of the required (R) or (S) stereoisomer
      • available in multi ton scale
      • are usually robust and tolerate different reaction conditions
      • soluble in a wide range of organic solvents and aqueous solutions
      • recyclable and therefore cost efficient
      • can be immobilized via vinyl side chain

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