Company Policy


In order to secure our success, we are committed to adhere to all relevant regulation and standards and to continuously improve our performances in the domains of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. To achieve our goals, all our employees are asked to adhere to the following Policy in their daily work:

Quality and Food Safety

GMP shall ensure that medicinal products are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use and do not place patients at risk due to inadequate safety, quality or efficacy. Our products meet the pharmacopoeia and/or the specifications required by our customers and the relevant authorities. Our Quality Management System (“QMS”) ensures that a constant high level of quality is defined and maintained. We are committed to continuously improve the performance and quality of our products and processes. Significant changes to the facilities, the equipment and the processes, which may affect the quality of the product, have to be validated and will be handled by a Change Control procedure. Our QMS includes a HACCP concept and the food safety culture including systems against food fraud and for food defense. Specific requirements for the production of kosher and halal products are taken into account.

Measures to ensure data integrity for all processes are in place.

Health & Safety

One of our guiding principles is health and safety, be it our own staff, our customers and our fellow citizens. Since our products are used in pharmaceutical applications, the relevant processes are GMP classified and executed in qualified installations under controlled hygienic conditions. We monitor the health of our employees, the performance and quality of our products as well as the safe operation of our processes. Our staff is constantly trained.


Respect for nature and environment are the driving forces in our efforts to constantly reduce the use of raw materials and energy and to minimise the generation of waste and wastewater.