Food Ingredients

The most well-known Cinchona Alkaloid compound is Quinine, obtained by extraction from Cinchona bark. It is used as a natural flavouring mainly in beverages like bitter lemon and tonic water being often used as a mixer with gin or vodka.  Quinine is responsible for the unique bitter taste in drinks. A limit concentration of 100 mg/kg for soft drinks and 250 mg/kg for spirit drinks, expressed as Quinine Base, is defined in the Regulation (EC) No 110/2008. In general tonic water contains an average of about 60 milligrams of Quinine Base per litre. Apart from Quinine Base, Quinine Hydrochloride and Quinine Sulfate are the preferred flavouring compounds.

Quinic acid as a natural compound is found in various plant products like aronia berries, blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrant, cranberries, tobacco leaves, carrot leaves etc. and Cinchona bark.

Quinic acid and its derivatives are considered beneficial for human health, mainly due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Buchler is regularly inspected by TÜV NORD CERT being an accredited body for IFS (International Featured Standards Food) certification. Our company always fulfils the demands on the “Higher Level”. Kosher and Halal certificates are also available for food products.

Cinchona Alkaloids can be isolated from the bark of several species of Cinchona trees such as e.g. Cinchona officinalis, Cinchona calisaya, Cinchona ledgeriana and Cinchona succirubra. Cinchona ledgeriana has the highest Quinine content and is therefore today the most common species cultivated in plantations. The trees are grown in tropical altitudes of 1,300 to 2,300 metres.  The main areas of cultivation are Africa, Latin-Amerika and Indonesia. From the seedbed to the harvesting it takes approximately 12 years. Once mature, the trees are cut and the bark is peeled from the trunk and the branches. The wet bark is dried in the sun in drying areas in the vicinity of the plantation.

The raw materials are sourced via a UTZ and Fairtrade certified organisation.

The foundation of our company is built on the quality, availability and reliability of our natural raw materials and products. This is particularly relevant with regard to the Cinchona bark, which requires approximately 10-12 years to achieve perfect maturity. We have a very strict stock reserve policy, which ensures that we are always fully prepared for any unexpected changes in our sourcing regions. Despite plantations being located in some of the most challenging regions of the world, we have never failed to deliver products of the highest quality to our customers.