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Cinchonine (CAS-No. 118-10-5)

Cinchonine (CAS-No. 118-10-5), a pseudoenantiomer of Cinchonidine, is a well-known chiral compound widely used as a racemic resolution agent since decades. Apart from this application Cinchonine and its Cinchona alkaloid derivatives acts as an efficient enantioselective organocatalyst in a wide variety of asymmetric reactions. Multiple examples can be reviewed in our free of charge chiral catalyst search data base. Nowadays, the term asymmetric oganocatalysis covers a wide range of organic processes and methodologies, providing efficient and environmentally friendly access to enantiomerically pure compounds. Cinchonine is a versatile tool in applied Green Chemistry.

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Cinchonine (CAS-No.: 118-10-5)

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