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6`-Aminocinchonine (CAS-No. 2143936-31-4)

6´-Aminocinchonine Base (CAS-No. 2143936-31-4), a pseudoenantiomer of 6´-Aminocinchonidine, has the same stereochemistry like the well-known Cinchona Alkaloids Quinidine, Cinchonine and Cupreidine. Apart from its use as a chiral resolution agent this chiral catalyst can be further explored for the design of new chiral trifunctional organocatalysts. The additional primary amino function in the aromatic quinoline system facilitates the stabilization of transition states in asymmetric reactions. The primary amino group can be easily functionalized to give access to bifunctional squaramides, thioureas and related catalysts acting as dual H-bond donors These catalysts can be used for instance in enantioselective Henry, Sulfa-Michael and [2+2] Cycloaddition reactions.

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6´-Aminocinchonine (CAS-No. 2143936-31-4)

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