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Rauhut-Currier reaction

The Rauhut-Currier reaction is a prominent reaction describing C-C bonds between two Michael acceptors in the presence of a nucleophilic catalyst.

This reaction is also known as the vinylogous Morita-Baylis-Hilman reaction. The Rauhut-Currier reaction is important as it facilitates the C-C bond formation requisite for the formation of biologically active molecules and natural products. This reaction is also advantageous as it is atom economic, feasible under mild conditions, generates chiral centre and forms densely substituted valuable adducts. The chiral centre can be established by Cinchona Alkaloid derivatives with a high enantiomeric excess.

Rauhut-Currier reaction examples catalyzed by cinchona alkaloid derivatives can be found in our free of charge Chiral Catalyst Search.

Example from Literature

Chemo‐and Stereoselective Cross Rauhut–Currier‐Type Reaction of Tri‐substituted Alkenes Containing Trifluoromethyl Groups. (He et al.; Chem. Eur. J. 2018, 24(8), 1947-1955.)

Rauhut-Currier reaction

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