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Cinchonidine (CAS-No. 485-71-2)

Cinchonidine (CAS-No. 485-71-2), the pseudoenantiomer of Cinchonine Base, as a natural product is extracted from the bark of the Cinchona tree. This compound has the same stereochemistry like the most famous Cinchona Alkaloid Quinine. Cinchona Alkaloids are widely used in asymmetric Synthesis and racemic resolution processes. The development of new enantioselective processes is highly relevant in chemistry due to the relevance of chiral compounds in pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical industry. A huge number of Cinchonidine based organocatalysts, especially Phase Transfer catalysts, have been developed because the demand of chiral compounds has grown exponentially over the last two decades.

A summary of asymmetric applications of Cinchonidine and their derivatives are part of the chiral catalyst search data base.

Cinchonidine (CAS-No. 485-71-2)

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