Buchler Glossary


The Sharpless Aminohydroxylation allows the syn-selective preparation of 1,2-amino alcohols by reaction of alkenes with salts of N-halosulfonamides, -amides and -carbamates using OsO4 as a catalyst. Enantioselectivity is achieved through the addition of Dihydroquinine and Dihydroquinidine-derived chiral ligands.

Please find some examples of Aminohydroxylation promoted by Cinchona Alkaloids in our Buchler Chiral Catalyst Search.

Example from literature

Imido-osmium(VIII) compounds in organic synthesis: aminohydroxylation and diamination reactions. (Muñiz et al.; Chem. Soc. Rev. 2004, 33, 166-174.)


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