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6´-Aminocinchonidine (CAS-No. 2143936-34-7)

6´-Aminocinchonidine (CAS-No. 2143936-34-7) is a new member of the Cinchona Alkaloid family. The additional primary amino group in the 6´position of the quinoline system provides a completely new possibility to stabilize the transition state in versatile asymmetric reactions. Despite its position far away from the stereocenters, the amino group proves crucial to obtain high enantioselectivity in synthetically relevant reactions like Aza-Henry, Michael additions, Transaminations, Cyanosilylation etc.. On the other hand the free C6’ amino group can be further functionalized to improve catalytic performance. A wide range of completely new chiral ligands and catalysts are easily accessible.

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6´-Aminocinchonidine (CAS-No. 2143936-34-7)

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