N-Benzylquinidinium Chloride – Fine Chemical

CAS-No. 77481-82-4


N-Benzylquinidinium Chloride (CAS-No. 77481-82-4) is a cinchona alkaloid based chiral phase transfer catalyst (PTC).


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Physical Properties

N-Benzylquinidinium Chloride (CAS-No. 77481-82-4) is a white to yellow, crystalline powder. The melting point is 178 °C. This compound is not hygroscopic and contains less than 5.0 % water. N-Benzylquinidinium Chloride could be stored at ambient conditions in well-closed, light-resistant containers.


Cinchonan-1-ium, 9-hydroxy-6’-methoxy-1-(phenylmethyl)-, chloride, (8β,9S); 1-Benzyl-9-hydroxy-6’-methoxycinchonan-1-ium chloride; (8β,9S)-1-benzyl-6’-methoxycinchonan-1-ium-9-ol chloride and (8R,9S)-N-Benzylquinidinium chloride


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Reaction Category Fluorination > Fluoromethylation
Associated Product from Buchler GmbH N-Benzylquinidinium Chloride